Sonic by Hero Labs

Sonic by Hero Labs

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Patent-pending HD Ultrasonic technology enables Sonic to accurately detect low flows of water and identify appliances connected to the plumbing network.



Ambient and pipe temperature sensors can alert you to a potential frozen or freezing pipe, helping prevent bursts from occurring in the first place. Thanks to an integrated pressure sensor, Sonic performs a scheduled pressure check on the plumbing system, alerting you to even the smallest possible leak. The user-configurable integrated smart shut-off valve can isolate the incoming water supply in seconds, containing a problem before it can get any worse.

Sonic’s companion – Signal – provides a visual status indicator and an internal sounder to let you know if a leak is detected. Signal also features our class-leading HeroLink wireless technology, allowing Sonic to be installed in locations where there is no WiFi coverage.

Sonic’s smart power pack gives you a range of options. Go completely wireless with two to three years’ operation from lithium AA batteries, or run from the mains with the safety of battery backup if the power goes out. Either way, you can count on Sonic.

The compact, rugged chassis fits in the tightest of spaces, although it’d be a shame to hide him away when he is so good looking.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Manufacturer Hero Labs
Form N/A
Color Black
Max Screen Size (Inch) No
Min Screen Size (Inch) No
Height (mm) 110
Width (mm) 50
Depth (mm) 141
Warranty No
Main Power AA Batteries


Sonic by Hero Labs